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Automatically close private buffers in WeeChat with

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

I use WeeChat for both IRC and XMPP (via Bitlbee) and it’s not uncommon for me to end up with tons of buffers with private conversations. And I don’t find it that much fun to manually close the inactive conversations all the time.

That’s why I looked for a plugin that could do this for me and after some looking arond I found


It’s simple to use, you just install it and you’re done. But you migh want to change the default settings. By default it’s set to run every 60 seconds and to look for conversations that has been inactive for 30 minutes and close them.

To change the age on inactive buffers (I changed it to 1440 minutes which is 24 hours):

/set plugins.var.python.buffer_autoclose.age_limit <minutes>

This is how often it should check for old private buffers (I changed it to 60 minutes):

/set plugins.var.python.buffer_autoclose.interval <minutes>

And this is if you never want to close the buffers with someone special:

/set plugins.var.python.buffer_autoclose.ignore "Hund"


You install the script in WeeChat with the command:

/script install

Once installed WeeChat should automatically load it.



If you want to leave feedback, you can do so by either sending me a message via email, XMPP or via IRC.