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How to upload files to NextCloud using only a shell script

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The script Share Link Creator is a handy shell script written in Bash that lets you upload files to you NextCloud-server using the shell.

And yes, I said files as in plural. It allows you to upload multiple files in one go. It will then create a folder named something like 1553524745 (in your predefined upload-folder), upload the files to that folder and then share the public link to the clipboard.


It relies on curl, xclip and optionally zenity for graphical notifications with interactive inputs.


It’s a script, there’s not much to do other than downloading the script and making it executable:

$ git clone
$ cd shareLinkCreator

$ chmod +x shareLinkCreator


Start by copying the file config.example to a more permanent place like ~/.config/shareLinkCreator/config.

You only need to change the values baseURL, username and password in the configuration file. The value uploadTarget is optional and it’s where you want the files to be uploaded.

I have a folder called tmp and a Cronjob that once a day at midnight deletes files in that folder that’s older than 1 days. The Cronjob looks like this:

00 00 * * * find $HOME/Nextcloud/tmp/* -mtime +1 -delete

You then need to place the script itself somewhere safe and change this line in the script:

. "$(dirname $0)/config" 

You want to point it to the configuration file like this:

. "$HOME/.config/shareLinkCreator.rc"


It’s dead simple:

$ ./shareLinkCreator <file>

And for multiple files:

$ ./shareLinkCreator <file> <file>

When the file is uploaded it will copy the link to you clipboard and give you a notification about it.

I highly recommend setting a $PATH for your shell with all your scripts. You can then call the scripts by their names without the absolute path to the specific directory. Read more about it here.