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I have now replaced Mailbox with Gandi

Thursday, August 5, 2021

This is not a sponsored post.

I have been using Mailbox.org since January 2021, and while their service succeed with the core features as a reliable privacy-friendly email service, with support for all the basic features like two-factor authentication and filters, they still leave a lot to ask for.

One of the alternatives to Mailbox that I’ve checked out in the past is Gandi. It’s where I’ve housed my domains since 2015, and it would have been rather convenient to have my email there as well, especially since they offer two free email accounts with all their domains.

The reason I haven’t used their email service in the past is simply because they didn’t support two-factor authentication and filter rules. This is now something that they support and I decided to give them a chance right away.

It took me less than a day for me decide that I wanted to switch over to Gandi. That was about a week ago now, and I still feel just as happy with the switch. I have now decided that I wanted to share my thoughts about it. So. This is not meant to be a proper review of some sorts, it’s just my rambly thoughts.

My thoughts about Mailbox

I don’t want to get too nitpicky or sound too negative here, so I decided to not included all the weird quirks with Mailbox. Quirks like the fact that some settings are randomly split behind two different menus and only one of these menus are mobile friendly, or the fact that the web interface is sometimes utterly horrible to use. It contains bugs that actually make you feel like that they’re not using the web interface themselves.

The good

The bad

The ugly

My thoughts about Gandi

I’ve had my domains at Gandi since 2015. I’ve always been happy with their service, and it’s nice to see that they’re actually actively working on improving their service as well. Their control panel and their services has been noticeable improved over the years. Not that I have ever been unhappy with their service.

The Good

The bad

The ugly

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