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I'm back with qutebrowser

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Back in August, I wrote about how I was tired of QtWebEngine and that I was switching to Firefox with Vimium to emulate a similar mouse-less workflow. Well. That didn’t last long.

It took me about a week before I was back with qutebrowser again. The Vimium addon is a good addon (for what it is), but it’s simply not good enough for me. While I could use keybindings for a lot of things, unfortunately, some basic things didn’t work at all.

My issues with Firefox

I still dislike QtWebEngine

While I still dislike QtWebEngine, the good old trusty web browser qutebrowser simply makes the interaction with the web a lot more enjoyable for me. I simply don’t need or want all the shiny bells and whistles that a ‘modern’ web browser like Firefox comes with. I find all the features and the somewhat massive graphical user interface rather distracting.

And even if I have some issues with the web engine, it does get the job done, and I guess that I can’t use anything else than qutebrowser after all these years with it now. I’m perhaps way too spoiled with the most polished Vi-like web browser out there.



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