Hej! My name is Johan, aka “Hund”. I’m a Swedish eco-friendly {minimalist,slow-tech} philosopher and a creative person with a large passion for computers and computer software (as an end-user, not as a programmer).

I’m a strong believer in ethical and libre software, as well as in the UNIX-philosophy, the KISS-principle and the “worse is better“-concept. Philosophies and concepts that I consider them to be inspiring and healthy approaches to both software and as well as life itself.

My life outside my computers is a rather disconnected slow-tech lifestyle. I really don’t own any technology other than the most basic things like my computers, my TV and my smartphone. I do my best to live a healthy minimalist, sustainable and low-tech life as possible.

I enjoy being creative and creating things (which is mostly graffiti and baking these days), traveling (almost exclusively domestic) and experiencing new places, food and people. I also like long walks, jogging and cycling. Staying healthy is one of the most important things for me, which is partly why I don’t consume any form of tobacco or alcohol at all.

My nickname

I’ve been using the same online alias and profile picture for a long time. The name “Hund” is the Swedish word for dog. And if I’m not mistaken, the first time I used the username “Hund” was when I created my account at the Swedish Ubuntu forums back in January 2007.

The profile picture followed not long after that. In my profile picture there’s a dog sitting in a bathtub with a dummy in his mouth. I don’t know why and I’m not even sure who took the photograph to begin with.

My best friend Atlas.

His name was Atlas and it was my best friend. Even as an adult, he always wanted to sit in my lap. He unfortunately passed away of old age back in 2015.

My battlestation

This is my (currently 10 year old) workstation computer. It’s named after my best friend Atlas.