Hej! My name is Johan, aka “Hund”. I’m a Swedish eco-friendly {minimalist,slow-tech} philosopher and a creative person with a large passion for computers and computer software (as an end-user, not as a programmer).

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This website

On this website you’ll find my personal content—mostly—but not exclusively related to Linux, libre software, plain text, minimalism and slow-tech.

My website is created using the static site-generator Jekyll and my favourite text editor Neovim. I tried to design my website with accessibility in mind; I don’t care how you access my website, I only care that you can access it, in whatever (reasonable) way you prefer to access it in.

If you find any issues and/or have any general feedback regarding my website and the content itself, feel free to contact me.

My website is also running on sustainable energy via the Swedish hosting provider GleSYS. The carbon footprint is (apparently) better than 99% of web pages tested on the Website Carbon Calculator.

Web feed

My weblog posts is also accessible via my web feed. The web feed contains the complete articles and not just an excerpt. Anything else would be considered unethical by my standards.

Privacy Policy

This website respects your privacy. It will always be free from anything that can be considered unethical and/or privacy invasive. Read the complete privacy policy →

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