On this website you’ll find my ‘personal’ content, which is mostly—but not exclusively—related to Linux, libre software, plain text, minimalism and slow-tech.

About Hund

I’m a Swedish eco-friendly {minimalist,slow-tech} philosopher and a creative person with a large passion for computers and pretty much everything surrounding computers. Born and located in the far northern parts of Sweden.

I’m a strong believer in ethical and libre software, as well as in the UNIX-philosophy, the KISS-principle and the “worse is better“-concept. Philosophies and concepts that I consider them to be inspiring and healthy approaches to both software and as well as life itself.

My life outside my computers is a rather disconnected and slow-tech lifestyle. I really don’t own any technology other than the most basic things like my computers, a TV and my cellular phone. I try to stay offline and away from the cloud as much as possible.

I have never worked with computers and I will most likely never work with computers either. I currently work with taking care of dogs.

When I’m not at my computer, I’m usually busy with things like watching TV, running, baking sweets, exploring places.

My website

My website is running on green and sustainable energy via the Swedish hosting provider GleSYS. I created my website using the static site-generator Jekyll and my favourite text editor Neovim. I tried to design my website with accessibility in mind; I don’t care how you access my website, I only care that you can access it, in whatever (reasonable) way you prefer to access it in.