This is my $CURRENT computer desktop setup. I decided to make a static place for it since my setup doesn’t change that often anymore.


A semi montaged view with qutebrowser, Ranger, mpv and emerge. I usually don't run this many things at the same time on the same workspace.
Here's another semi montaged view with two instances of Newsboat, NeoMutt and my notes.
This is my discration free writing setup with Neovim.


I intend to only include the most relevant pieces of information here.

Operating system: Gentoo Linux
Window manager: i3
System panel: Polybar
Shell: zsh
Terminal emulator: URxvt
Terminal typeface: Terminus
Terminal colour scheme Solarized
Application launcher: Rofi
Notification daemon: Dunst
Text editor: Neovim
File manager: Ranger
Web browser: qutebrowser
E-mail client: NeoMutt
Web feed reader: Newsboat
Password manager: KeePassC
Bookmark manager: Buku
Media player: mpv
Image viewer: sxiv
Instant messaging client: WeeChat + bitlbee (for XMPP)
Document reader: Zathura
Calendar: Khal
Contact book: Khard
CalDAV/CardDAV-sync: vdirsync
This page was last updated: 2021-03-23.