• I’m currently getting back into the graffiti scene after more than a decade long break. I’m currently only practicing on my style with paper and pencils, but I’m planning on doing my first piece this summer (if everything goes according to plan). And yes, it’s all 100% legal graffiti.
  • Working full-time with logistics. My current workplace is a bit further away from home and I’m away from home about 12 hours per day. This leaves me with very little spare time right now.
  • Getting my own business going. Follow I/O Keyboards on Mastodon for any updates. I’m going to add a news section on the websites for any major news.
  • The little spare time I have left is spent on this website, a few TV-shows, comics and sometimes even books.
  • Saving up for the downs payment to a house.

This now-page was last updated 2021-03-23.